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mb_element Class Reference

A ProbScan multibranch loop element. More...

#include <ProbScan.h>

Public Member Functions

 mb_element (std::pair< int, int > h)
 mb_element (int nuc)

Public Attributes

int i
int j
bool is_a_pair

Detailed Description

A ProbScan multibranch loop element.

Represents an element of a multibranch loop a pair or an unpaired nucleotide,used in multibranch loop probability calculation either a helix closed by i and j or an unpaired nucleotide at i

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mb_element::mb_element ( std::pair< int, int >  h)
mb_element::mb_element ( int  nuc)

Member Data Documentation

int mb_element::i
bool mb_element::is_a_pair
int mb_element::j

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