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RNAstructure Installation and Overview
Building Requirements


Installation of the RNAstructure repository for Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows requires a current C++ compiler. By default, RNAstructure assumes a GNU g++ compiler, but there are alternative options that may be specified in RNAstructure/compiler.h.

For Windows, see the additional notes below.

RNAstructure Java GUI: Software

Building the Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) for RNAstructure requires the following:

  • The Oracle Java SE JDK version 1.7 or later
  • SWIG is only required if you make changes to the public interface of the RNAstructure_GUI library
  • A C++ compiler for building the RNAstructure_GUI native libarary

Building Multifind

To build Multifind, LIBSVM version 3.0 or later is required. Building Multifind also requires the variable INCLUDESVM to be set in compiler.h. It is the LIBSVM directory that contains svm.o and svm.h.

Building on Windows

There are two options for compiling RNAstructure on Windows: 

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and the Intel C++ compiler
    The Intel C++ Compiler can be integrated with Visual Studio, and is required for building the RNAstructure applications because bugs in the the stanard VS compiler introduce errors in the RNAstructure calculations.
  • Linux-style build process using Cygwin and MingW-W64
    Cygwin provides a complete POSIX environment on Windows and allows compilation of RNAstructure using the same framework as on Linux (i.e. gcc/g++ and GNU make). 

CUDA-enabled Software

Building partition-cuda requires a CUDA compiler, availble from NVIDIA: