Turner 2004

GU Pairs



GU pairs are generally treated as nearest neighbor stacks, similar to Watson-Crick helices, and GU pairs at the ends of helices are penalized with the same parameter as AU pairs at the ends of helices. In one sequence context, a tandem GU pair with a GU followed by a UG, the nearest neighbor model does not work and two parameters are available, depending on the sequence context (see the html table of parameters). Note also that the motif 5'GG/3'UU is assigned a ∆G°37 of 0.5 kcal/mol to optimize structure prediction accurracy, whereas it is measured as +0.5 kcal/mol


The tables of parameters are available as plain text for free energy change (including Watson-Crick pairs), plain text for enthalpy change (including Watson-Crick pairs), or html


A list of references is here.


A tutorial is available