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scorer is used to compare a predicted secondary structure to an accepted structure. It calculates two quality metrics, sensitivity and PPV (positive predictive value).

USAGE: scorer <predicted ct> <accepted ct> <output file> [options]

Required parameters:

<predicted ct> The name of a CT file containing predicted structure data.
<accepted ct> The name of a CT file containing accepted structure data.
<output file> The name of a text file to which output will be written.

Options that do not require added values:

-e, -E, --exact Specify exact comparison when structure comparison is scored.
When exact comparison is specified, a known base pair between nucleotides i and j is considered to be correctly predicted only by the base pair i-j.
By contrast, when flexible pairings are allowed, base pairs are considered to be correctly predicted when one of the two indices is different by up to one nucleotide. This better accounts for RNA dynamics and uncertainty in the RNA structure. For a known base pair i-j, all of the following predicted pairs are considered correct with flexible pairings:
  • i - j
  • i - j-1
  • i - j+1
  • i-1 - j
  • i+1 - j
Default is to allow flexible pairings.
-h, -H, --help Display the usage details message.
-p, -P, --print Print the output file to standard output.
This won't override the default behavior of writing to a file.

Options that require added values:



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