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Research benefitting from RNAstructure should cite:
J.S. Reuter and D.H. Mathews.
"RNAstructure: software for RNA secondary structure prediction and analysis."
BMC Bioinformatics, 11:129. (2010).

The algorithms central to RNAstructure are based on the following sources. Research benefitting from these capabilities encapsulated within RNAstructure should cite the appropriate sources.

Most current folding parameters:
D.H. Mathews, M.D. Disney, J.L. Childs, S.J. Schroeder, M. Zuker, and D.H. Turner.
"Incorporating Chemical Modification Constraints into a Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure."
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 101:7287-7292. (2004).

Previous reference to the folding algorithm, with details on thermodynamic parameter derivation:
D.H. Mathews, J. Sabina, M. Zuker, and D.H. Turner.
"Expanded Sequence Dependence of Thermodynamic Parameters Improves Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure."
Journal of Molecular Biology, 288:911-940. (1999).

Prediction of secondary structures at temperatures other than 37°C:
Z.J. Lu, D.H. Turner, and D.H. Mathews.
"A Set of Nearest Neighbor Parameters for Predicting the Enthalpy Change of RNA Secondary Structure Formation."
Nucleic Acids Research, 34(17):4912-24. (2006).

Partition function for calculating base pair probabilities:
D.H. Mathews.
"Using an RNA Secondary Structure Partition Function to Determine Confidence in Base Pairs Predicted by Free Energy Minimization."
RNA, 10:1178-1190. (2004).

D.H. Mathews.
"Predicting a Set of Minimal Free Energy Secondary Structures Common to Two Sequences."
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Extensive use of Dynalign (for extensive acceleration of the algorithm):
A. Harmanci, G. Sharna, and D.H. Mathews.
"Efficient Pairwise RNA Structure Prediction Using Probabilistic Alignment Constraints in Dynalign."
BMC Bioinformatics, 8:130-150. (2007).

Previous reference to Dynalign:
D.H. Mathews and D.H. Turner.
"Dynalign: An Algorithm for Finding the Secondary Structure Common to Two RNA Sequences."
Journal of Molecular Biology, 317:191-203. (2002).

O.V. Mateeva, D.H. Mathews, A.D. Tsodikov, S.A. Shabalina, R.F. Gesteland, J.F. Atkins, and S.M. Freier.
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D.H. Mathews, M.E. Burkard, S.M. Freier, J.R. Wyatt, and D.H. Turner.
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DNA/RNA duplex parameters for DNA oligomers:
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"Thermodynamic Parameters to Predict the Stability of RNA/DNA Hybrid Duplexes."
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Prediction of all suboptimal secondary structures:
S. Dian, D.H. Mathews, and D.H. Turner.
"Interpreting Oligonucleotide Microarray Data to Determine RNA Secondary Structure. Application to the 3' End of Bombyx mori R2 DNA."
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Methods for predicting suboptimal secondary structures:
D.H. Mathews.
"Revolutions in RNA Secondary Structure Prediction."
Journal of Molecular Biology, 359:526-532. (2006).

Original reference to generating all suboptimal secondary structures for a sequence:
S. Wuchty, W. Fontant, I,L. Hofacker, and P. Schuster.
"Complete Suboptimal Folding of RNA and the Stability of Secondary Structures."
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Stochastic sampling:
Y. Ding and C.E. Lawrence.
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Using SHAPE data to constrain structure prediction:
K.E. Deigan, T.W. Li, D.H. Mathews, and K.M. Weeks.
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 106: 97-102. (2009).

Photocleavage of uracil in the presence of FMN:
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"Isoalloxazine derivatives promote photocleavage of natural RNAs at G.U base pairs embedded within helices."
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ProbKnot pseudoknot prediction algorithm:
S. Bellaousov and D. H. Mathews.
"ProbKnot: fast prediction of RNA secondary structure including pseudoknots."
RNA, 16:1870-1880. (2010).

Z. Xu and D. H. Mathews.
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A. O. Harmanci, H. Sharma,and D. H. Mathews
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