Turner 1999

GU Pairs




Example Structure        

∆G°37 = ∆G°37 intermolecular initiation + ∆G°37 GU end penalty + ∆G°37(GC followed by GU, followed by UG, followed by GC) + ∆G°37(CG followed by GU) + ∆G°37(GU followed by UG) + ∆G°37(UG followed by GC) + ∆G°37(GC followed by UG)


∆G°37 = 4.09 kcal/mol + 0.45 kcal/mol4.12 kcal/mol –1.41 kcal/mol + 1.29 kcal/mol – 1.41 kcal/mol – 2.51 kcal/mol


∆G°37 = –3.62 kcal/mol





Note that this example shows the stack of GU followed by UG in two different contexts, including the stabilizing context and the destabilizing context. In the stabilizing context, a single parameter is used for three consecutive basepair stacks.